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Color Correction and Highlights / Lowlights

Sometimes, if things go wrong and you do not like the way your hair looks after coloring it, you can always go in for color correction and highlights or opt for color correction and lowlights. Picking the right hair color that suits your skin tone is a task best left to professionals.

While close friends and family members are the best critics, a professional and experienced stylist like Shanaz Hair Design can work wonders for your hair. Color correction for the hair that includes incorporating color correction and highlights needs to be done very carefully. A good understanding of hair color is a pre-requisite to give you the best and most glamorous look.

Shanaz Hair Design is your best bet when it comes to hair color correction and highlights. Hair correction is best left to the professionals who diffuse or enhance hair color using highlights and lowlights. The technique used for dark hair to break the monotony of a single dark shade is highlights; while if the hair is a bit lighter in color, color correction will work by adding lowlights. Shanaz Hair Design uses only high quality color brands like Redken Fusion, Schwarzkopf and Goldwell. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the realm of color correction and highlights, Shanaz Hair Design is a dedicated and professional hair expert you can count on.

Located in Studio City, CA in the San Fernando Valley area, you can get to the studio easily if you live in Los Angeles or even the surrounding areas, including Encino, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Universal City and Northridge. You also get 20% off the first time you visit. Go to Shanaz Hair Design to create a final new color result that you love. Both color correction and highlights/lowlights will be done naturally and beautifully.

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