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Hair Color Correction

When you’re choosing to go darker or lighter with your hair, you’re better off letting a professional salon like Shanaz Hair Design do it for you in order to avoid having to get a hair color correction down the road. Even though a hair salon may be more expensive than driving to your local drug store and purchasing a small box of hair color, it’s very easy to damage your beautiful hair and spend months trying to go back to your old hair color and texture.

When it comes to hair color, especially women’s hair, blonde is in; the only downside to this is the process of achieving that desired look. Because hair with dark color pigments must be lifted and removed in order to achieve the most success, stylists are often sought out to perform this treatment. However, there are many do-it-at-home kits for those daring enough to risk weakening their hair to such a point that it simply snaps off.

If you went down the wrong road, there’s still hope. Shanaz Hair Design is a hair color correction expert, which specializes in hair restoration in order to fix bad hair color. So even if you didn’t visit a stylist the first time around, you can still get that gorgeous color you’re seeking. And if you’ve decided that you want to regain your natural look, Shanaz also focuses on removing hair color and restoring hair to its full potential.

If you’re tempted to start processing your hair again after it has regained its health, Shanaz Hair Design offers a variety of professional hair cutting and coloring services that will minimize the damage done to your hair, so you can keep that gorgeous hair while still giving it a new look. Shanaz not only specializes in hair color correction, but also in special occasion hairstyles such as updos and braids, and styling and hair cutting services for both men and women.

Shanaz is located in Studio City, which is just a short drive from Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Valley Village and the surrounding San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. So tie up your hair, and take a short trip to Studio City and get your beautiful hair back again.

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