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Summer Highlights

While summer’s end is just around the corner, the heat is undoubtedly here to stay. Hair color highlights are a very popular hairstyle during the hotter months, but hair highlights can be very hard to achieve and be very damaging. Shanaz Hair Design, a professional hair stylist in Studio City, specializes in coloring and highlighting hair, so don’t risk damage by adding chunky highlights yourself. Did you know there are different hair highlights besides blonde hair highlights? At Shanaz Hair Design, you can get brown hair highlights, gold highlights and red highlights as well.

Hair highlighting is a simple and effective way to add beauty and style to natural or previously colored hair; it also makes a great haircut appear more textured and layered. While hair highlighting is similar to hair coloring, there are some unique differences that make it more difficult to perform on your own at home. A professional usually performs hair color highlights by layering highlighted strands or chunks of hair over natural or darker colored hair.

Over-processing is a very common side effect when you highlight hair, especially when it’s done over dyed black or brown hair, which is why it’s very common to seek the assistance of a professional hair colorist. Over-processing not only creates a potential threat to the hair’s original texture, but it can even cause the hair to completely snap off.

If you’ve decided to attempt hair color highlights yourself and found that your hair came out dry, brittle and damaged, Shanaz Hair Design will bring your hair back to its previous lustrous state with an array of salon-quality products and services.

Shanaz Hair Design is located in Studio City, which is within very close driving distance to the surrounding cities of Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Encino, Northridge and Los Angeles.

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