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How Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy Can Give Your Hair A Healthy Shine

Breathe new life into your hair with Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy at Shanaz Hair Design. Right in the heart of Studio City, CA, Shanaz is centrally located and convenient to travel to from all over Southern CA. If you’re tired of your dull, boring style, Shanaz can give you the soft, shiny hair you’ve been longing for.

Only specially trained stylists are certified to provide Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy, and that’s what you’ll find at Shanaz Hair Design. With over twelve years of professional experience, Shanaz is up to date on all the latest techniques and styles, and uses only the best products, so you’ll get a great result from your keratin straightening treatment, every time.

Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy infuses natural keratin deep into your hair’s cuticles to add shine and build strong, healthy hair. The keratin blocks humidity, promotes healing of damaged strands, and blocks toxins that can leave hair looking dull. The keratin restores and restructures your hair, leaving you with the softest, silkiest hair you’ve ever had.

This revolutionary keratin straightening treatment instantly eliminates 95 percent of frizz and curl, leaving hair softer, full of body and more luxurious than ever before. It adds shine to your hair, leaving it more manageable and easier to dry and style. No more hours of struggling with the blow dryer in front of the mirror for a style that frizzes up the moment you walk out the door! You can even let your hair air dry and it will still look like you spent hours styling it.

Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy is suitable for all types of hair, even hair that has been colored or treated. In fact, the therapy will extend the life of your color by sealing it in even longer. A keratin smoothing treatment adds shine and acts as a moisturizer and deep conditioner for dry and damaged hair. The treatment will last 4-6 months.

Shiny, healthy hair is just a treatment away. Not only does the Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy instantly add shine and silkiness to your hair, but with each keratin smoothing treatment, your hair will become even smoother, softer, and easier to style. You are guaranteed to be in love with your new hair.

If your hair is unmanageable, frizzy, or even if you’re just looking for a change, the obvious choice is Keratin Complex Hair Smoothing Therapy. Shanaz Hair Design is professionally certified and just a short drive from every major metropolitan area in southern CA. If you want a new, shiny smooth style, look no further.

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