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Heat or Sun-Damaged Hair

Sun damaged hair appears dull and damaged and it can be very tough to treat unless you seek help from the experts. Excess exposure to direct sunlight and exposure to certain chemicals may also result in a summer dry out from sun damaged hair. While wearing a hat may partly help save your hair from the damaging effects of the sun, you need a more effective treatment method in the end.

To protect your sun damaged hair from further harm and restore its original beauty, try the repertoire of services offered by Shanaz Hair Design. These treatments not only protect your locks from the harsh effects that lead to sun damaged hair, but they also keep the hair root and shaft intact to ensure that you have naturally healthy, shiny hair.

Fighting hair fizz should not be treated as a do-it-yourself project. More often than not, professional help and expert advice is required to treat sun damaged hair. This problem occurs in the winter due to dry weather conditions and in the summer with the constant use of air conditioners. Therefore, due to the lack of lubrication of the hair follicles by the oil glands, you get split ends and a flaky scalp.

With 20 years of hands-on experience in the hair care industry, Shanaz Hair Design offers the best and the latest treatment methods including dry scalp treatment. Shanaz’s tried and tested methods are effective in fighting hair frizz, protecting and restoring sun damaged hair, as well as helping you deal with a summer dry out.

Accessible from Los Angeles and the surrounding areas including Encino, Sherman Oaks and Northridge, Shanaz Hair Design is located in Studio City, CA in the San Fernando Valley area. First-time visitors get 20% off.

Contact Shanaz Hair Design today at (818) 515-1345 for your professional color consultation.

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