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Hair Extensions

Miraculously transform your hair to greater lengths with hair extensions installed by Shanaz Hair Design. With over ten years of experience, Shanaz Hair Design can instantly give you the length you have desired. Shanaz, conveniently located within traveling distance of the Los Angeles area, performs professional clip-in extension services that are convenient as well as non-damaging to the hair.

Maybe you have a special event that you want to look fabulous for, or maybe you just want to change your look. No matter what your situation is, clip-in hair extensions installed by Shanaz Hair Design give you the boost of confidence that you need.

As an award-winning stylist, Shanaz provides high quality clip-in hair extensions that contain pressure sensitive clips, making it easy for you to remove and reattach your hair extensions whenever you want. Because the clip-ins are temporary, they do not damage your hair, which will allow you to retain silky, healthy hair as opposed to other hair extension methods which can damage your hair, leaving you with nothing but hair in your hands and a hair horror story to tell.

So, if you’re ready to take a leap to greater hair lengths, or you just want to add undeniable body to your locks, your search is over. Contact Shanaz Hair Design for an appointment to get your clip-in hair extensions now. First time customers get 20% off their service. Why wait to get the look you always wanted?

Shanaz Hair Design is located in Studio City, CA near Sherman Oaks, Encino, Valley Village, and other southern California areas, and takes pride in knowing the latest trends and techniques of the hair industry. By trying Shanaz, you have nothing to lose, and only beautiful hair to gain.

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