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Choosing A Hair Dresser That’s Right For You And Sticking With It

When you decide to have your hair color done by a professional, you should choose one with plenty of training and, most importantly, experience. Hair color done by a professional on a consistent basis keeps your hair healthy, well maintained, and gorgeous. The process of coloring hair is complicated and choosing a hair dresser is a decision not to be made lightly. In the Los Angeles, CA area, the options can be overwhelming. While choosing a hairdresser, you will see many different certifications, testimonials, and a range of pricing options. While choosing a hairdresser may be a lengthy process, it is more advantageous for you to take the time and choose someone who is right for you.

Located in Studio City, CA, Shanaz Hair Design is easily accessible to clients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Universal City, and Northridge. If you frequently color your hair or add highlights for that extra pop, having your hair color done by a professional will ensure that your coloring schedule is consistent. Shanaz Hair Design can make sure your hair color is done in a timely fashion, minimizing embarrassing root exposure.

If you frequently change your hair color or just consistently color your hair to maintain your look, you know that the chemical process of coloring hair can damage the hair irreparably. This reason alone is enough to ensure that when you have your hair color done by a professional, you choose the hairdresser that is able to provide this service with the greatest amount of proficiency. Shanaz has 20 years of experience styling hair, natural talent, intuition, and the ability to duplicate celebrity styles on clients with only a picture.

Many people have tried to apply coloring to their own hair or even had their hair color done by a professional and come up with bad results. There are many causes that may contribute to an unsavory color, but the best way to fix it is to locate a hairdresser with expertise in corrective coloring. This type of professional will be able to restore your locks to a more natural hue and maintain the overall health of your hair. Shanaz specializes in expert color corrections and color damaged hair.

A common side effect of coloring hair is the resulting weakness in strands due to the chemicals that facilitate coloring. Having your hair color done by a professional gives you a chance to discuss what to expect after the color is done. Many professional stylists offer a sitting time, usually about 2 days, for the client to decide whether or not the color looks good enough to keep. Also, a professional will let you know about the semi- and demi-permanent options that will cause less damage and last for specific amounts of time. Having your hair color done by a professional gives you the chance to hear the pertinent information and make the best decision about your hair.

Contact Shanaz Hair Design today at (818) 515-1345 for your professional color consultation.

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